35 School Street • Ramsey, NJ 07446


Welcome to Mrs. Aujero and

Mrs. McGowan’s Fifth Grade Class


Room 313


Welcome Back!  This is going to be an exciting and fun year in Room 313!  Fifth grade is a year of great academic and social growth. Throughout this year, students will work to prepare for their transition to middle school. It's wonderful to see how they grow throughout the year. We will focus on collaborative and critical thinking skills which will prepare them to be successful in all aspects of their life. Our goal is to help students become more independent and to embrace the Reading and Writing Workshop.  We are all responsible in their learning while creating in a positive and safe learning environment.

We truly believe communication between parents, students and teachers is essential for success. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us both.  Our email is maujero@ramsey.k12.nj.us and jmcgowan@ramsey.k12.nj.us.


March 2:  Read Across America Day

March 3:  Spirit Day 
March 16:  Band Concert at Smith School (5th Grade only)
March 27:  No School 
March 31:  Report Cards Posted. 



Here is what’s happening during the month of March in our class. There will be lots of new learning happening in 5AM.


Reading - We have begun our Non-Fiction Reading Unit. Students are reading non-fiction books during independent reading in school.  We will be focusing on perspective of text, main idea and multiple texts. Students continue to jot what they think.  We will continue to assign post-its for homework and students are to use their “Ways to Jot.”  Students are able to read fiction books at HOME. We are continuing the new reading log format. Students have done an excellent job returning the first two months. Students should continue to have a parent sign the log nightly.  We still encourage the students to continue to read 40 minutes a night.  

Writing - We have begun our Opinion Writing Unit.  Students have been gathering ideas and doing light research to support a topic they have a strong opinion about.  They will be working on plan to write an opinion piece. They will make sure they have reasons to support their opinion.  We will continue on focusing on the structure of the writing piece.  

Social Studies - We are continuing to incorporate writing as we read nonfiction in our study of Ancient Egypt.  Students are learning about geography, technology, leadership, belief systems and social classes.  


Math -  During this next month, we will continue our exploration of decimals and to take students’ prior knowledge of this topic to a deeper level. Students will add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals. In addition, we will emphasize a strong connection between this topic and the “real world”. Use of the C-P-A (Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract) Approach will continue in order to help to strengthen students’ number sense regarding decimals.


While we often incorporate problem solving into our instruction, we will continue to have Problem Solving Days which offer the students opportunities to work together in pairs and small groups to exercise these skills. They are highly student centered days and the students are always really excited to participate in them.


It’s also that time of year when we start to think about the quickly approaching PARCC. We will begin exposing the students to PARCC-like questions on previously learned concepts for the purpose of review and to begin to get them comfortable with seeing the format and/or wording of these types of questions.


As always, please take some time to review students’ math notebooks and math folders (in students’ binders). They contain important information such as notes, practice problems, and examples of problem solving activities. This will help to keep parents up to date on the topics and skills covered in class. Also, a reminder that when assessments are sent home, parents will receive an email to inform them of this. Please also review them as the feedback given informs you of your child’s specific strengths and areas in need of growth.

Science - The Earth’s systems will be our next unit of study. In this unit, students will explore the characteristics of the four major systems of Earth (the geosphere, the biosphere, the hydrosphere, and the atmosphere). Following this, they will develop their knowledge of how these systems overlap and connect to form one major functioning unit. The unit will conclude by examining the impact that humans have on the Earth’s systems (for the better and for the worse).