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Natural Selection, Speciation, and Evolution PowerPoint to accompany our study of evolution

Scientific American January 2009 Issue focused on Evolution.  Different articles introduce Darwin, discuss natural selection, describe sources of variation, examine human evolution past and future, and more.....
Diversity Revealed: From Atoms to Traits Scientific American Magazine December 17, 2008
The Human Pedigree: A Timeline of Hominid Evolution Scientific American Magazine December 17, 2008
Evolution Link to video segments viewed in class:
  Segment 1: Isn't Evolution Just a Theory
  Segment 2: Who was Charles Darwin?
  Segment 3: How Do We Know Evolution Happens?
  Segment 4: How Does Evolution Really Work?
  Segment 5: Did Humans Evolve?
  Segment 6: Why Does Evolution Matter Now?
  Segment 7: Why is Evolution Controversial Anyway?
On-Line Lessons for Learning Evolution Student lessons provided by PBS
What Darwin Never Knew PBS Video 2009

What has the head of a crocodile and the gills of a fish? May 2006 Understanding Evolution, Tiktaalik
Fish with Fingers Video clip from Evolution "Great Transformations"

Guess the Embryo NOVA Interactive:  See if you can tell what four similar          looking embryos will become and watch them develop.

Natural Selection Video Clip

Convergent Evolution Video Clip
Duck-Billed Platypus Genome Sequence Published Animal's Reptilian-Mammalian MixMix Reflected in It's DNA May 7, 2008

Understanding Evolution On-Line Resource
University of Utah Evolution Resources
Tracking the Evolution of Life Activity  Activity directions and questions.