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NJ Biology Competency Test May 26 & 27, 2015

High School Science Assessment: New Jersey Biology Competency Test (NJBCT) 
As a member of the American Diploma Project (ADP), New Jersey is changing the way in which it assesses student achievement in science.  The state is aiming to test content knowledge and science process skills using an end of course exam rather than a comprehensive 9-12 science exam.  The Biology end of course exam will be administered on May 26 & 27, 2015.  All New Jersey public high school students enrolled in a first year Biology course (Biology College Prep Core, Biology College Prep Enriched, or Biology Honors) are required to complete the end of course exam regardless of year in high school.  Students with disabilities will recieve the same accomodations for which they would be eligible under the High School Proficiency Assessment.  
Practice Biology End of Course Exam RHS science department developed End of Course Exam.